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Full Body Waxing Salon Granville

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Leg Waxing Beauty Salon in Granville

Welcome to our premier Leg Waxing Salon in Granville, where we specialize in delivering exceptional waxing services to unveil smooth and beautiful legs. Our salon is dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience that leaves you feeling confident and radiant.

Smooth Legs, Happy You

At Family Hair and Beauty Salon, we understand that self-care and grooming are essential for individuals and families. As a trusted establishment in Granville, Sydney, we offer a wide range of professional waxing services to cater to your needs. Our experienced beauticians are dedicated to providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience, ensuring you leave our salon feeling happy, confident, and smooth in your skin.

Why Choose Waxing? 

Waxing offers long-lasting results by removing hair from the root, unlike other hair removal methods. Say goodbye to the hassle of shaving or dealing with ingrown hairs. Experience the many benefits of waxing, including reduced irritation, minimized ingrown hairs, and a more extended hair-free period. Discover why waxing is the go-to choice for those seeking flawless, touchable skin.

Skilled Beauticians

Our skilled beauticians are masters of waxing. With their expertise and precision, they will swiftly and effectively remove hair from the desired areas of your body. Our beauticians have extensive experience and are trained to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for every client. Rest assured that you are in capable hands as our professionals work their magic to reveal your smoothest skin.

  • Arms Waxing:  Whether you want to remove unwanted hair from your upper arms, forearms, or both, our skilled beauticians will ensure thorough hair removal for a flawless result.
  • Underarms Waxing:  Experience the freedom of smooth underarms with our underarms waxing service. Our expert beauticians will delicately remove unwanted hair from your underarm area, ensuring a clean and comfortable experience.
  • Legs Waxing: Our skilled beauticians will deliver exceptional results if you desire a full leg wax or prefer to target specific areas. Experience the joy of touchable smooth legs that last weeks without needing constant shaving. 
  • Stomach Waxing: Whether preparing for a special occasion or preferring a sleek and clean look, our treatment will help you achieve the desired result. Embrace a newfound confidence and enjoy the smoothness of a hair-free stomach.
  • Chest Waxing: With chest waxing, you can confidently showcase your toned physique and enjoy the smoothness that enhances your masculine appeal. Experience the satisfaction of a hair-free chest and feel confident in your skin.
  • Back Waxing: Our professionals will deliver exceptional results if you want a full back wax or need specific areas treated. With back waxing, you can confidently reveal a smooth, attractive back that exudes confidence.
  • Brazilian Waxing: Our professionals will cater to your preferences with utmost care and discretion, whether you prefer a complete hair removal or a tailored style. With a Brazilian wax, you can embrace a beautifully groomed bikini area and feel confident in any swimwear or intimate situation.
  • Full Body Waxing: Our waxing treatment will leave your entire body hair-free and radiant from head to toe. Our expert beauticians will carefully remove unwanted hair from your arms, legs, underarms, stomach, chest, back, and more. 

Visit Family Hair Salon for Exceptional Waxing Services

Choose Family Hair and Beauty Salon is your go-to destination for premium waxing services in Granville, Sydney. Our salon boasts a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and our skilled beauticians are dedicated to providing you with the highest professionalism and care. Feel the difference between our family-oriented approaches and experience the long-lasting results of our exceptional waxing treatments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and let us help you achieve smooth, beautiful skin that you’ll love. Experience Beauty with a Smile: You’re Friendly Threading Salon in Granville.

Our Best

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$ 25

Underarms Waxing

$ 10


$ 35


$ 20

Chest Waxing

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$ 40


$ 35

Brazilian Waxing

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$ 35

Full Body

$ 99

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