Half & Full Head Foils at Granville's Top Family Hair & Beauty Salon

Half & Full Head Foils

full head foils

Unlock Radiance with Our Foiling Expertise: Full, Half, or Hairline, We've Got You Covered!

Discover the allure of full-head foils, the go-to choice for those craving a bold transformation. Whether it’s a root stretch, color correction, or diving into a stunning full blonde, our full-head foils ensure every layer is a canvas for brilliance. Perfect for chic updos or achieving glamorous silver or platinum shades, this technique is your ticket to show-stopping hair.

For a more subtle touch, explore the elegance of half or three-quarter head foils—ideal for roots and coloring only the visible strands. But why choose foils over balayage or ombre? It’s all about precision and impact.

Foils vs. Balayage or Ombre: A Stylish Showdown

While balayage and ombre offer a natural, blended look, foils bring a dramatic contrast with clear, distinct highlights. The structured application ensures your color journey is strategic and impactful, making it perfect for those who crave a bright, bold style.

Here’s why foils stand out:

  1. Lightening Magic: Foils can lighten any hair color, offering controlled and strategic brightness.

  2. Clear Contrasts: Highlights stay distinct, creating a striking and contrasting effect.

  3. Deeper, Richer Color: The magic of aluminum foils conducts heat, allowing for rich, long-lasting color saturation.

At Family Hair and Beauty Salon, we offer foiling six days a week, ensuring you leave with hair that turns heads. Keep in mind, foiling takes a bit more time, but the results are undeniably worth it. To maintain that radiant glow, plan visits every six to eight weeks.

What Sets Us Apart? It’s More Than Just Foils!

Experience the Family Hair and Beauty Salon difference:

  1. Superior Service Excellence: We blend friendliness, trendiness, and professionalism for an unforgettable salon experience.

  2. Beyond Colors: From cuts to styles, keratin straightening to rejuvenating masques, we’ve got your hair covered.

  3. Genuine Care and Advice: Enjoy a complimentary consultation, where we prioritize your hair health and happiness. We understand life’s unpredictability and accommodate as much as possible. And if, by a rare chance, you don’t love your new look, let us know within two weeks—we’re here to make it right.

Elevate your style journey with Family Hair and Beauty Salon—where expertise meets excellence!

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